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Mission Statement

"The Red Dragon Foundation is a nonprofit organization with a mission to enhance the educational opportunities of students attending the Purchase Line School District. Through post-secondary scholarships, enhancements to classroom technology and extracurricular facilities, the Red Dragon Foundation has worked with the Purchase Line School District to ensure students receive a well rounded education which prepares them to become productive members of society. Through both business and individual financial support, the Foundation depends on the generosity of the community to fulfill its mission."

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Purchase Line Red Dragon Foundation


President - Renee Lash
Vice President - Jim Klyap
Secretary - Elaine Berringer
Treasurer - Courtney Gardner
Diane Fenton
Eddie Gaydosh
Sharon Hannah
Jessica Layden
Greg Mahaffey
Eleanor Mattis
James McMullen
Joseph Pittman
James Price
P.L. Superintendent - Joseph Bradley

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